ENT Therapeutic Services

ENT (ear, nose, and throat) require regular therapeutic services since they are susceptible to various health issues and conditions that affect us in our daily lives. There are a few common conditions of each, listed below:

  • Nose Problems: At The Face Centre, we treat conditions such as sinusitis, nasal congestion, allergies, sleep apnea, snoring and more

  • Speech Therapy: We provide assistance on the proper use and modulation of voices, post-operative speech and voice disorders

  • Ear Problems: We deal with problems such as hearing loss, balance issues, ear discharge, tinnitus and more. Heavy weight or trauma can also cause the ear lobe tissue to wear and tear, that necessitates ear lobe restoration using a procedure to hide the scar and prevent further elongation of the ear lobule

Following a thorough evaluation, the diagnosis and frequency of therapy is decided upon to help manage and improve symptoms.

At Dr. Sardesai's clinic, numerous procedures are employed to achieve desired goals that produce noticeable results in a fully furnished, effectively laid out medical centre.

  • Ear Microscopy:

    This is a microscopic examination of the ear, essential and useful to treat blocked ears, ear discharge, and sudden or gradual decreased hearing. Read more about Ear Microscopy here.

  • Nasal Endoscopy:

    This is a diagnostic nasal and paranasal examination that determines the condition of the nose, sinus, and more. It is also used to address snoring issues. Read more about Nasal Endoscopy here.

  • Throat Endoscopy:

    This is a diagnostic examination of the pharynx and larynx, that include the vocal chords. This is useful especially in cases where there is a change in the voice, or a sudden hoarseness or noisy breathing. A throat endoscopy also addresses difficulties in swallowing, as well as snoring.

  • Allergy Skin Prick Testing:

    This test helps address symptoms like a running nose, itching eyes, and more. A proper diagnosis by a medical professional helps deliver the correct immunotherapy based on a patient’s allergy by providing the correct desensitisation toward the allergen.

  • Audiology:

    This is a hearing testing method that helps us diagnose a particular medical condition, and is a prerequisite before any ear surgery and to choose the right kind of hearing aid. It also includes tinnitus retraining therapy and helps people who have decreased hearing by documenting the hearing and severity of hearing loss.

  • Hearing Aids:

    After testing, at The Face Centre, we customise hearing aids as per a patients’ needs. This also addresses neural deafness issues. Read more about Hearing Aids here.

  • Speech Therapy:

    We work with and train people on how to use and modulate their voice correctly, people with voice disorder, post surgery speech, how to use and re -use their voices. The frequency of therapy and the patient’s response is determined post the diagnoses.

General FAQs

Symptomatic treatment for nasal allergies include the use of steroid nasal sprays and antihistamines. To get to the root cause and treat the allergy itself, a skinprick allergy testing is conducted, followed by immunotherapy, all available at The Face Centre.
Ear discharge could occur either because of externals or middle ear infection, and can be either acute or chronic. Trauma to the ear, including a ruptured eardrum can also cause discharge from the ear.
The first thing one should do if there is a loss in hearing experienced, is to get examined. At the Face Centre, we then perform a thorough evaluation in the form of a hearing test.
Hearing aids can help improve hearing as well as speech, especially in persons with sensorineural hearing loss, that is hearing loss in the inner ear due to damaged hair cells or a damaged hearing nerve. Apart from that, they are especially useful because they help the elderly appreciate and hear sounds, improving the quality of their lives.
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